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Iowa Cover Crop is not just a seed company; we are a full service cover crop business offering:

– Cover crop seed and application
– Native seeds for CRP and land reclamation
– Grasses for pastures, waterways, and general landscaping

Our goal is to take the stress out of conservation, by offering a “one stop shop.” We coordinate seed and application through our network including aerial application, high clearance seeding, and drilling.

Using what we have learned on our own farms, and through nearly ten years of business, we will provide you economical and quality seed, effective application services, and insight and advice, including cost-share guidance, during the process.

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How It Works

  • Consultation

    Consult with the farmer to select the best cover crop for their needs, identify cost-share opportunities

  • Coordination

    Coordinate with farmers on seeding locations

  • Ordering Product

    Procuring high quality seed for the cover crop

  • Logistics

    Line up application – aerial, high-clearance, etc.

  • Preparation

    Mixing the chosen cover crop blends

  • Application

    Tender seed to applicator

  • Results

    Watch it grow!

Why Cover Crop

  • Improve soil health
  • Reduce erosion
  • Increase earthworm populations
  • Improve soil microbiology
  • Build soil organic matter
  • Provide excellent grazing opportunities
  • Reduce compaction
  • Improve yield potential over time
  • Scavenge nutrients for next crop year

Native Seeding

We also offer native mixes and custom application to complete your CRP seeding. We carry mixes to meet your every need, including pollinator, pheasant, and waterway blends. With our diverse mixes you are sure to enjoy the results throughout the entirety of the contract. We also have drills to rent, or we can handle the seeding for you.

About Iowa Cover Crop

Before they were business partners, Bill Frederick and James Holz were 4-H buddies and classmates growing up in Greene County, Iowa, near Jefferson.

In 2014, they founded Iowa Cover Crop (ICC) as a way to help a few neighbors and diversify their family farm operations. ICC now has a growing dealer network and offers seed and application services throughout Iowa and the Midwest.

Combined, Bill and James have 20 years of experience growing cover crops. They have personally seeded rye grain, rye grass, oats, spring and winter wheat, peas, hairy vetch, common vetch, rapeseed, forage kale, crimson clover, radish, and turnips on their own family farms. Through this diverse first-hand experience, ICC provides personalized farmer to farmer advice to customers.

When they aren’t selling cover crops, Bill and James can be found raising row crops, cattle, small grains, and kids on their respective family farms in Greene County.

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